Modify Your Smart Phone Using the Lucky Patcher App

The mobile phone has become a part and parcel of our life today. Many people use it for so many things that they cannot do without one. There is an app for everything and anything.

You just need to download it from the Google Play Store and use it. Most of them come free of cost. Such apps have many patronizers and are used extensively across the globe.

Multiple use device

You can play games, watch videos, send and receive mail and do a lot of activities using this small device. It is convenient as it is a teeny little device which you can carry anywhere and use it at any time anywhere.

This makes us use it while on the move too. To pass the time while traveling you either watch a few videos, listen to music or even play games using this device. It is a good pastime.

But many a time watching a video or playing a game becomes annoying when suddenly some ads pop up. Watching it once may be acceptable but when you have the same ad popping up a hundred times you feel irritated.

But how are you going to stop it from appearing? Yes, you have an option of skipping it but sometimes it appears when you are on an interesting point. This is so irksome. Is there no other solution for this then?


Technology at its height

When technology has reached such heights and made applications for everything why not for this. Yes, you have a solution to this exasperating issue that most of the phone users face.


It is the Lucky Patcher.

It is an android tool and it can be used to remove ads. It is also used to modify app permissions. Other features of this app are to restore and backup apps, bypass premium application license verification and much more.

Anyone having an Android Smart Phone can download Lucky Patcher and use all the features it provides. The only condition is that you need a rooted device to use all the features it provides to the user.

This is considered to be a stable app but the functioning is not 100% guaranteed. The user is solely responsible for its use and any issues cropping up because of its use on the device. The system can become unstable or there may be rebooting loop and so on.


Do several actions using the app

Using this app Lucky Patcher you can get control over the permissions that you give to the applications installed on the phone. With its use, you can then change the permission, delete unnecessary ads, create a backup of some other apps and a lot more. If your device is not rooted you need to root it and only then these features can be used.

You can see a wide ranging list of all the apps that you have installed on your device. Just tap one of them then you can know about the available options. They view the app’s information, delete additional data, uninstall it and access other special tools. Being able to use the app and run it in the condition in which you couldn’t do it normally and create an APK modified as per your preferences is what makes it attractive.

Using this app you can also save your device from being attacked by some malware through some apps. It allows you to check the trustworthiness of the app which you wish to download from some corner of the internet which is not reliable.

All in all with the use of this app you can take control of the apps that are installed on your device.

To sum up you can say that with its installation you can use your device in the way you wish to, by using the following features.

  • You are able to remove the ads that appear on the games, apps and so on.
  • You will be able to bypass all the premium apps that are licensed.
  • You can modify the application and the game permission.
  • You will be able to disable auto-run app.
  • You can save original signatures.
  • You will be able to replace permissions.
  • You can fix some issues with the old version.


What are you waiting for? Download this app and make the maximum use of it. After the installation, you will get a list of all the apps that are installed. Alongside them, you will get to see the actions that you can do with them.

You will get a color code also that will indicate the compatibility with the tool when certain operations are done using it. Using the color code you can know what can be done.




The Secret to Improving Productivity Lies in Your iPhone Apps

Getting your work done, while on the go, is the biggest privilege that one enjoys if having a smartphone like Apple’s iPhone. With the improvement in technology, most of the business can successfully run on the handheld. The management of teams, allocation of work, acknowledgment, and requests all can be taken care of easily by the use of apps available for iPhones. The app developers have taken due care to ease out the load of office goers and businesses, by creating some of the most exceptional and productive apps. There are many apps available exclusively for iPhones, but the best ones for work include:

1) Google docs – Anybody working on an official setup knows how Google docs is a savior. The app is designed to undertake all cloud based file editing. With the app on your iPhone, you can do any kind of editing, creating, collaborating and managing of documents. The app empowers users to add comments in documents. The app supports various languages, so it is globally very popular. The free app is even designed to work in the absence of the internet, to avoid any work interruption.

2) Spark – The personalized email app is a perfect companion to manage emails. The app loaded with plenty of features has the capacity to segregate both personal and professional emails in groups, to provide ease of viewing. The technology makes handling emails simpler and allows the saving of documents on iCloud Drive, Drop box, One note and much more.

3) Planner Pro – The business runs on planning, and what else can ease the workload other than a good task manager. The app helps in combining all tasks, events, and notes on a single platform so that work can be managed easily. Moreover, it allows addition, creation, and deletion of notes and events. The app allows the user to create subtasks with reminders, so that no task is missed. So, use this free app, which comes with calendar privacy for proper project dismissal.

4) Fantastical 2 – There are plenty of work assignments that need to be completed in a day. The calendar helps in keeping a check on the line of work that is required to be followed. Fantastical 2 is a calendar app with great designing that enables users to easily track down their work schedule. The app is user-friendly which keeps the customer alert of all the upcoming work at all times. Any event can be easily shared through the app and it supports more than five major languages including English, French, and German.

5) Evernote – In a working setup, managing of projects is a difficult thing. The Evernote app is created to improve this aspect of the business. The project managing app is created for the successful organization of both personal and professional works. The app allows noting and capturing of thoughts in the form of checklists, to-do-lists, and notes. The app supports jotting down notes in all forms, including images, PDF’S, audio, video, text, website clippings and much more. The free app gives the privilege to annotate images, scan documents including business cards and handwritten notes.

Netflix and Amazon Prime – A Comparison

­­­Netflix is the leader in providing subscription service for streaming online video content. In the age of mobiles, laptops and tablets, online streaming of videos has become quite popular. It provides people the ease of watching TV shows or movies of their choice anywhere and anytime. An old and popular player in the market of online streaming, Netflix is being challenged by other newcomers in the field, especially Amazon Prime. Amazon prime has a user base of nearly 80 million users which is steadily increasing as compared to the 100 million users of Netflix. Here, is a comparative study of both the services on various parameters like cost, content, quality, interface and availability.


Both Netflix and Amazon Prime offer a 30 day free trial of the service. Once the trial period ends you can opt to cancel the service or continue it. Charges after 1 month trial period are as follows:


  • Netflix

Netflix offers 3 types of subscription plans:

Basic – $7.99 p.m. -1 screen- SD quality

Standard – $9.99 p.m. – 2 screens – HD quality

Premium – $11.99 p.m. – 4 screens – HD and Ultra HD quality

  • Amazon Prime

Amazon prime offers 2 types of subscription with its annual plan being more popular:

Monthly – $10.99 p.m.

Annual – $99 p.a. this equals to $8.25 p.m.

Hence, looking at the above figures Amazon prime seems to be a better option. But, looking closely one finds that though the subscription fees is less for Amazon Prime, at times when a user searches for a movie of his choice he finds that it is listed but he’ll have to pay for it. Due to this mixing up of free content with the rentals, makes Amazon prime’s actual cost calculation a bit difficult and not very clear.


Both Netflix and Amazon prime offer online streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows. The content is different for different regions. But important thing is whether all those movies and TV shows offered are what the user really wants. Offering lots of content is of no use if it is not what the viewer wants to watch.

  • Netflix

Right now, Netflix has more than 5000 movies and TV shows on offer. You can filter the videos by genre or you can just search whether the video you want to watch is on offer or not.

  • Amazon Prime

Amazon prime has a vast selection of movies and TV shows. Quantity wise it is better than Netflix. It also offers free kindle e-books and unlimited photo storage. But quality wise, it still has some catching up to do.

Netflix is a better option when it comes to content quality. Although, Amazon’s shows are better liked by critics, Netflix shows are higher on the popularity charts. Netflix also has lots of original content. It is producing its own movies and TV shows that are quite popular. Examples are: House of Cards and Orange is the new Black. Amazon Prime, in this respect is lagging behind.

Also, if you look closely then you find that from the thousands of videos offered, most of Amazon prime’s content is short videos and not actual movies. There are very few viewers for this type of content. Now, if they rate such video as 5 then, this rating will not hold much importance while calculating the average rating of the content offered. Netflix definitely has a better content, rating wise too.

User Interface

Netflix user interface is easy to use and elegant. On the other hand Amazon Prime’s user interface is pretty old and at times a puzzle. The reason could be that Amazon Prime is keeping with its Amazon shopping website interface. It wants the user to have the same kind of feel throughout its app.

Searching and browsing is easier with Netflix.


Netflix is available in more regions than Amazon Prime. Hence, even if your location changes, you can still use Netflix easily. Amazon Prime is also trying to reach as many customer bases as possible. It has recently been launched in 200 countries.


Netflix is compatible in almost all devices. Examples are: iOS, Android, Smart TV and Apple TV. Amazon Prime’s list is shorter than Netflix’s. There is no app of Amazon Prime’s for Android TV and Apple TV. Also, Amazon Prime does not officially support Chromecast. You will need to look for workarounds for using these.


Netflix is an older player in the market of online streaming. Though, Amazon Prime is catching up, the final choice of online streaming service depends upon the viewer. If budget is the issue then Amazon Prime is better. But if content is more important than Netflix is better. User has the choice of using the free trial period offer. This offer should be taken advantage of and user should use both Netflix and Amazon Prime and decide for himself what he likes the best.

Cinema Box HD – The Ultimate Movie Streaming App

For a long time now, movie streaming has been one of the major aspects that is garnering revenues for the maker of these apps. Entertainment is something that all of us would love to have access to. It is big stress buster. But then, it is also not possible to schedule our jobs as per our favorite movie or TV show streaming times. Sometimes, the movies and TV shows that are available when we are at home, may not be of much interest to us. There was a demand for providing entertainment on the go. This is what has led to the onslaught of movie streaming apps.

While this has mostly been known by the name of Netflix, Cinema Box  from the makers of the former Play Box is currently taking this scene by storm. The reason being that they are free and safe to use as well. So, for the consumers, there are now multiple choices to pick from. There is no need to miss out on any movies or TV shows as such. Listed below are a few reasons why Cinema Box HD can be called as the ultimate movie streaming app. Check out the various features to know why this can be your long time entertainment partner. Something that can go with you, stay with you and keep you entertained. Your personal entertainment app, just as you wished it to be.


It can be downloaded from the respective playstore, whether Google or iTunes. In other words, the app is easily available and free to download and works on both Android and iPhone devices. That is a real treat for people who are constantly on the go. Just check out your favorite movies and TV shows even when you are away from home and connectivity. Yes, Cinema Box HD allows you to download movies and shows to watch them later, offline. And don’t forget all this is coming to you free.


If you want to watch movies with subtitles, then you have choices available to do so with many languages. This feature makes it even more attractive. So, you get to choose the language that you are most comfortable with. You don’t miss out on any conversation that is happening because of the language issue. Sometimes, the language part can become a big blocker since you cannot follow what is happening, unless you clearly understand what is being said. So, that just is one more reason for you to download Cinema Box HD.

Many sources

In order to feel that you can get the best, you should be able to flip through the many options and get the feel of being able to pick what you want. Cinema Box HD allows you to do this. There are daily updates that are made into the choices. While they don’t compromise on the high quality of the streaming they provide, they keep updating the sources to provide you the best choices. With so much happening every day, you just want to keep coming back for more. And when you are able to watch all this while you are on the move, you are kind of hooked to Cinema Box HD for your daily entertainment quotient.

Kids’ mode

Cinema Box HD is a complete family entertainment app. And families include kids as well. If you would like to ensure that the kids get to watch only what they should, the kids’ mode helps in that. This is a good feature that ensures that your kids too, get wholesome entertainment, what is suited for them. Cinema Box HD has a good variety of choices for kids too. So, be prepared to share your screen time with the kids too as they would not like to be left behind. But, rest assured that you can control on what and how much they watch.

Chromecast support

Last, but not the least, Cinema Box HD comes with support for the Google chromecast. Yes, you heard it right. There really is nothing better than watching a movie on the big screen and perhaps that home theatre you have set up for this exact reason. So, if you get access to content, but have to watch it on your device, it indeed such a shame. While this is helpful when you are out, if at home, you should be able to watch the same content on your TV.

Cinema Box HD allows to you to cast the content onto the TV screen by providing support for Google Chromecast. It also supports Apple TV and Wi-Fi sharing. It just keeps getting better and better, you may be wondering!!! This is why it is right now being mooted one of the best movie streaming apps available. And this is also because it comes from the makers of Play Box HD, who were known leaders in this industry.

‘Dresscode’ Malware in more than 400 apps circulating in Google Play Store

While multiple Play Stores are popping up, it is but obvious that some of these will contain Malware to steal and corrupt your data. ‘Dresscode’ Malware is one such dangerous app designed to surreptitiously enter networks through genuine and legitimate looking apps. It has been specifically designed to infect devices and add them to a Botnet; which can then be used to execute Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks – send spam, Steal data, allow the attackers to basically manipulate your device and through it, your complete home network.

Your home network will not be safe once Dresscode comes into contact with your device which is connected to the router. And just in case you have a weak password, it can easily crack it and infect all your connected home devices thereby compromising the network’s complete security.

The security threat now has been extended to corporate networks. The infected devices that are being carried into office networks under such initiatives like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), make enterprises also vulnerable to malware attacks

Dresscode has been known to have appeared in April 2016 in Google Play Store, where it has remained undetected until recently. It has trojanized more than 400 apps in Google Play and has been downloaded by more than 200,000 users.

While Google Play Store, being the most popularly used app store, is one of the primary sources through which you can be deceived to download Dresscode, the App is getting distributed at a much larger scale through multiple non-official app stores. It disguises itself as attractive and interesting games, utility apps and phone layout themes and stays undetected until the device connects to a network.

Protecting your device is primary; here are a few tips-

  • Use good Mobile Security Software: Identifying good mobile security software is the most important step in fighting mobile threats like Dresscode. McAfee, Kaspersky, Avast, Norton all provide amazing features and suites to help detect and remove malware from your device
  • Download Apps with caution even from official App Stores: Downloading apps from official app stores is the start, but having seen the even they can be compromised, make sure to use caution when downloading unknown or new apps from the app stores.
    • Ensure to read reviews for apps: Most apps will have user comments, if genuine. If you see an app rated highly, but see no reviews- then there is a question mark! Remember infected apps are mostly downloaded by users who don’t bother to check the reviews and comments from other users
    • App descriptions are another source of detection: Look at the developer, the quality of icons, logo and the general appearance. If you see it is not top quality or that there are mistakes in grammar and spellings, you need to stop and think twice about downloading such apps
  • Your operating System should always remain current: Most smart phone manufacturers and Google send enhancements, updates and bug fixes to users on a regular basis. It is important to keep your operating system current. With mobile devices becoming more and more sophisticated, manufactures ensure to send out fixes to the user to keep mobiles free of hackers and threats.
  • Use VPN on public Wi-Fi: Using Public Wi-Fi is quite trendy now in places like restaurants and coffee shops. It’s best to use a VPN that will protect data through encryption, while sending and receiving information


Xmod Games

Have you ever been crazy about Clash of Clans, Minecraft, Asphalt 8, Grand Theft Auto,  Asphalt Nitro, Clash Royale, Half Life, Counter Strike, Splinter Cell and the likes of it? And yet, are you bored with it because you can’t get past a level or it is too repetitive? Want to have some fun?

Xmod games is the app that you are looking for. Like the name suggests, it helps you modify a patch of the game or helps you with what is commonly known as the cheat code to help you get past where you are stuck.

It is a simple application that can be downloaded onto your smart phone, tablet, laptop, PC or any other device which is compatible. It helps you hack the game and create patches where you need them. This in turn will help you modify the “difficult level” of the game and help you get past it easily. You can then continue with the upcoming levels of the game. Sounds interesting?

Recently, some ethical battles have caused certain games from banning such modifying or patching apps from being used for fair play by all the members of the game. However, there are other major games that have not banned such apps. Wouldn’t it be fun to create your own part of the game? You can modify it the way you want.

This app is built to suit different devices and operating systems such as android, windows, iOS, etc. It can also be downloaded for free. Purchasing some additional licenses could help you make better use of the app and customize it to suit your needs. You can upgrade it as and when the updates are available. It also occupies a small disk space of around 10 Mb.

Not only can you create your own patches, you may share in on the same platform to get comments, feedback and suggestions. You can also look at the modification made by the other players to help you think of new ideas to implement in the game. You can also use a modification made by an other player in order to clear the level where you are stuck at.

This app also helps you take screenshots during the game to help you identify key points when you modify any part of the game.

Other than all this, Xmod games acts as an accelerator to improve your game graphics and visual effects. This multifunctional app is more than what you asked for.

Just to cite a few examples, in the game Asphalt nitro, some levels are time bound. Those are not easy to clear. You will inevitably have to use nitro to clear the level. In such a case, you will need more supply of Nitro. The easiest way to get unlimited supply of nitro is by modifying that part of the game to get more supplies of nitro in the form of boosts and power ups along the way. Once you are in possession of that nitro, clearing the level will be a piece of cake.

In Half Life, you need to use your ammunition in a tactical way because of limited supply. Beyond a certain point, you will eventually run out of ammunition or will be in dire straits. When it seems next to impossible to clear that part of the floor, don’t you think it would be really fun to check out your creative side and make a patch for the game? With such a modification, you will have access to unlimited power and ammunition to get rid of the critters and make your way to victory!

Though ethical issues may be at play, don’t you think it is fun to cheat at exams once in a while? This is some what like that. You do not want to miss out on the small things in life, do you?

If you are out there and are looking for a way to grow two proud horns on your head, this app can be your faithful assistant. Without much ado, get down to downloading this app and experimenting with a modification on one of your old or boring games.